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hi everyone! I wanted to make a converstation where we only speak english. this is for fun and you can just come here and practice your english skills if you’re not that good in english or even if you would. let’s talk with each other in english😁 you can just tell how your day have been and asu queostions from others.

so… how are you, guys? have you been swimming this summer or been in another country?
i’ve been fishing a lot, maybe even more than swimming.

I also realiside that I may be anti romantic. so does that mean I’m lbqtia+ person? (div I even write it right)

SpageLi 🏳️‍🌈

yea, if you are antiromantic (like me) you are lgbtq person :)
im lesbian and aromantic🌈
i’ve been listening music in summer, be with my friends and try to keep nice summer🌱
but i’ve been having lots of bad days in summer, and i try to be strong and keep fighting⚔️

im kinda good in english but i still need to learn english🤓

have a nice day everyone!!


do you mean by anti romantic that you might be aromantic? anti romantic is not a sexual/romantic orientation, but aromantic is. anti romantic means that you don’t approve of romance. aromantic means that you don’t feel romantic attraction. i suggest googling the definition of aromantic (if you want ofc)💖
from an aromantic person

Just Me✨

I’m Not good to talk English, so yeah
This idea is amazing!✨
I have been swimming A little💧
I visited Oulu with my family😁
I have on Saturday a B-day🔥

Byeee byeee🌿✨
I use the I form too much😢

J [nimimerkkiä muutettu]

Jes mii laik vakation jes


This is so good idea!!! Love it!
Yea, if you are antiromentic your part of lgbtq+ <33
I am lesbian and non-binary, I also use they/them pronouns <33 i hope you all respect that <33

My summer has been like sh!t, I mean i’m depressed and all this war and corona thing is so stressful. (Idk did I write that right)

SpageLi 🏳️‍🌈

and i’ve been writing songs and stories, and how i’ve been feel like.
i don’t wanna tell anybody face2face about my problems [osa viestistä poistettu] cuz i just can’t talk, so maybe i paint my feelings, so then my parents and friends know how i feel.
[osa viestistä poistettu]

[tämä viesti on siirretty kokonaisuudessaan Päivystäjien palstalle]

Bab Honey Girl 😍😈💖💜💙

Hello! I just think that if there will be English discussion board. Then u just did it… Why I even think that it’s my idea… So…
I have dance this week. We are we are in Levi rn. And sorry if my English is bad or too hard. Y’all… when I read those messages I was like this is so stupid why I read those like y’all speak just rally english. I feel stupid… Luv u! Ciaó

tuleva muusikko

no ”aroace🏳️‍🌈” ! thanks, I accualy didn’t know that antiromantic and aromantic means different things. so that helped me a lot. rivit now I’m just thinking wich one I am🤔
enjoy your holidays before school🤗💖


So well i just come here to vent (i guess?)
I don’t want thet anyone tell me what to do… or tell, idk

So let’s start.

I always feel like i push everyone away, maybe because i’m scare that i hurt them or they hurt me. But well… i don’t know
but always when i try to get away from them i just hurt everybody, and i mean.. i don’t mean to do that but *umm* it just happen.
I push everyone away, my friends, my family, my girlfriend (ex gf) and maybe that just how i meant to be.
Maybe universe is punishing me for what i’ve done. But still…. i fell like… like wht ever i do, i still hurt them. And if i’m being honest it’s a nightmare, because i can’t trust anybody (not even myself).
Yea, hehe.. Byee!!!!
Love you all!! <33

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